Barbie® introduces @BarbieStyle, the newest Barbie Instagram account with nearly 2 million followers and dedicated to featuring Barbie’s association with fashion, art, style and culture from new projects, to friends, influencers, insiders and her international travels. A fashion icon since 1959, Barbie has long been inspired by, and an inspiration to the fashion community.

@BarbieStyle follows and documents Barbie doll’s fashionable agenda from New York, to London, Milan and Paris throughout the international fashion weeks. Serving as a visual diary, @BarbieStyle will share imagery of Barbie at fashion shows, behind-the-scenes, meeting with industry friends, visiting her favorite places, and documenting all of her chic essentials, from what she wears, to what she packs.

Barbie’s fashion history is long running, boasting five and a half decades of fashion heritage, working with and inspiring more fashion designers than any other brand in the world. @BarbieStyle will bring stylish and memorable moments from Barbie’s past, present and future to life to inform, entertain and inspire fans around the world.